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Check below the main technologies that Casablanca Online works with and is the market leader.



Satellites can be used for various applications, with geostationary satellites being the most widely used for TV distribution (audio, video and data).

As with all means of communication, there are several ways to distribute with a satellite. Among the best known "languages" are: C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band.

In Brazil, the C-band is the most used because it has a low cost in domestic installations and is easy to deploy, besides having little attenuation due to constant rainfall. In turn, the Ku band was the form adopted by DTH (Direct to Home) systems of some operators, such as SKY, Claro TV, Oi, etc. DTH systems require a smaller antenna, which facilitates installation at the subscribers' homes. Finally, the Ka band, a format used mainly by satellite internet services.

Did you know?

To make contributions through satellite, you must have the content to be transmitted (file or video signal), as in live events, an uplink station, bandwidth reservation in the satellite and a downlink station to receive the signal. It is a complex operation with a large amount of equipment working together to enable images to leave the camera lens and reach 37,000 km above the Equator!

Fiber & Cloud

Ready to operate through fiber, Casablanca Online has the interconnected links and the internet outlet with high performance providers (Tier 1) in its locations, ensuring two direct interconnections with IXbr SP.


Tier 1 providers offer excellent connectivity to the largest traffic exchange points in the world and, added to the Cloud structure, bring the reliability that live events need, in addition to the possibility of scaling the distribution.


Private and dedicated networks between teleports and Tier 1 providers help preserve content, contributing to a reliable infrastructure of high performance, scalability and security.

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