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Check out the main solutions that Casablanca Online can offer you.


Signal Contribution

By means of mobile (SNGs and Flys) or fixed (teleport) Uplink systems, Casablanca Online offers a satellite contribution service, in which the signal uplink can be made from several points, either in the Brazilian or South American territory.
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Download the SNGs technical specifications



With the largest fleet of Uplink mobile units (SNGs) in Latin America, Casablanca Online is prepared to serve any situation, even in the most remote places.


There are 23 SNGs with state-of-the-art equipment and a redundant system. The encoders allow both 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 configuration, HEVC (H.265) or MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) and BISS encryption. In addition, Casablanca Online can do signal multiplexing (MUX) and has modulators that go up to 16APSK.It is also possible to transmit or receive Dolby E and digital audio.


To meet different demands, there are three options:

- SNG single 

Fully redundant, C or Ku bands, with integrated generator.

- Double SNG

Two single SNGs in a single vehicle. The double SNG has a second antenna (Fly), plus another redundant system.

- Hybrid SNG

In addition to the features of a single SNG, the hybrid unit also allows image capture with up to six cameras. It is the most suitable option for those who wish to make one-sided contribution.



Casablanca has a modern production structure, which integrates the technologies developed throughout its history, offering solutions from planning to the delivery of recorded or LIVE content.
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Signal Distribution & Turnaround 

Located in São Paulo, Casablanca Online's teleport allows receiving, monitoring, inserting graphics, narrating, recording and distributing content via satellite and/or IP to anywhere in the world.



Located in privileged locations in São Paulo, our two studios are fully equipped and capable of serving different productions, recorded or live, such as corporate events, journalistic and off-tube narration.

To provide a continuous high definition signal on any platform or global channel, the studios and control rooms are connected to Casablanca Online's teleport and count on 24-hour technical support.

Download the studios’ technical specifications


Channel Automation

Our team is trained to operate and manage 24/7 linear channel programming grid with playout server redundancy.

This accurate content management makes it possible to optimize storage


Encoding House

Casablanca Online has been working in the area for 10 years and is homologated in all the main Video On Demand platforms, being able to serve any delivery format and deliver more than 6,000 assets per year



Casablanca Online's streaming service is based on a solid architecture, with full redundancy from electric power to connectivity, passing through the encoders, in which it is possible to operate using as video source a live signal through satellite, internet or file.

To meet the demands

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