Casablanca Online belongs to the Casablanca Group. It started to operate more than 19 years ago with the purpose of providing satellite broadcasting services.
It is recognized as one of the most important broadcasting providers in Brazil, having one of the biggest fleets of OB Vans with satellite technology in Latin America. It is also certified by ANATEL. Today CBO offers complete integrated solutions for production, signal reception, transmission, management, and content distribution in SD, HD, and 4K with the highest quality of broadcasting standard and other platforms (satellite, fiber, and IP).
Its value-added differentials are extensive. CBO has a teleport with a 24/7 technical support and counts on a specialized team of trained and experienced technicians and engineers, who are in sync with all the IT innovation of the current market.
The work that started back in 1996 has been highly praised and received many important awards. In 2000, Casablanca Online received the SLE certification from ANATEL, and, in 2003, it was the first company to broadcast in HD in Brazil. In 2005, CBO won the PanAmSat award, and, three years later, it received the MCS license also granted by ANATEL.
Since 2011, Casablanca Online has a 10GB link with a PTE (point of traffic exchange) in São Paulo, which is ready for use. The company awaits the necessary enabling internet structure to interconnect the networks here in Brazil, to be up and running, and facilitate content distribution. CBO currently is connected to NET, Canal Rural, VIVO TV, and Telefônica.
Casablanca Online has broadcast live more than 10,000 events in the past 20 years, such as: Copa América Soccer Cup, in Paraguay (1999); Sydney Olympics (2000); Rock in Rio (2001); several editions of Formula One Championship and IndyCar Race (2010, 2013); World Soccer Cup South Africa (2010); Pan American Games Mexico (2011); and Stock Car (2012). In Brazil alone, it broadcast Confederation’s Cup (2013); World Soccer Cup Brazil (2014); Copa América Soccer Cup (2015); Olympic Games (2016); among other events.
“We go beyond satellite broadcasting”―the slogan coined by the company is not a mere piece of advertising. In fact, Casablanca Online is proud to have the expertise in the most diverse audiovisual resources, enabling it to provide entire events with streaming reception―satellite or fiber, management, distribution, and content transmission.